Pledge 25 for 25, Inspire hope and make a difference

3-year-old Nur Jannah is a beneficiary of Club Rainbow. Her name means ‘light from heaven’. The cheerful little girl who is a Hello Kitty fan, enjoys singing and role-playing. She often stands in front of the mirror and pretends to be a model or an emcee and even her school teacher. No one could have guessed that the active little girl was born with biliary atresia- a type of liver disorder. She had a liver transplant when she was just 9 months old. Since her surgery, she has to visit the doctor every month for check-ups.

Club Rainbow has been helping Jannah and her family, and many more like them, with financial and emotional support.

When a child is ill, the whole family is impacted.  While the parents struggle to come to terms with their child's condition, they have to remain as the pillar of strength for the child. One of the parents might have to stop work to take care of the child resulting in lesser family income. The high medical and treatment costs further add to the financial burden. Siblings might sometimes feel neglected as parents pay more attention to the child who is ill. 


Supporting our beneficiaries and their families

Many families need a comprehensive support system to help them cope with the various challenges. For the past 25 years, Club Rainbow (Singapore) has been taking a holistic approach in providing compassionate relevant services to help children like Jannah and their families, ensuring that they get the assistance and resources they need to cope with their child's condition.

One of the core services that Club Rainbow provides is financial assistance. Other than monetary support, we give away an average of 100 packs of food supply to our needy beneficiaries and their families every month. This helps families tide over their challenging situations in the short term. These packs contain daily essentials including rice, sugar, noodles, canned food and more.  Each month, Club Rainbow’s expense on food supply alone is estimated to be $10,000 and more.

Many of our beneficiaries require regular core therapy services – be it physiotherapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy, to address developmental delays and improve physical skills. Currently we have about 100 children requiring weekly therapy sessions, and a waiting list of more. For our beneficiaries to benefit from these services, they need continued and consistent sessions. These sessions help them to improve their gross motor functions, speech development and adaptive skills, enable them to develop their physical independence by working towards everyday tasks, resulting in better integration into communities and improving their quality of life. 

We aim to increase our capacity and offer these services to 200 children. Currently each month, Club Rainbow's expenses on core therapy services is estimated to be $40,000 and this amount is expected to increase as the organisation strives to build its capacity.

Other than financial support and core therapy services, Club Rainbow also provides a range of services in other key aspects like emotional support, education assistance, social integration and informational support. As an independent social service organisation, Club Rainbow depends largely on donations from corporations and individual donors, to enable us to serve our children and their families.

Every month the cost of basic services and support for our beneficiaries amount to $165,500 and more. This means 6,620 pledges of $25. On our 25th Anniversary, we want to reaffirm our commitment to our cause, and enhance our capability and capacity to provide the much-needed services to more families.


We invite you to make your pledge

In conjunction with our 25th Anniversary, we invite you to pledge a one-time or monthly donation of $25, $250 and $2500 to support our cause. Join us in our journey to support and empower children with chronic illnesses and their families. Consider pledging $25 monthly and empower our children and their families to lead enriching lives.

Pledge 25 for 25, Inspire hope and make a difference.

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What is the impact of your pledges?

Icons-03 Swim.jpg



2 months of $25 offers 1 child with cerebral palsy 1 session of swimming lessons.

Icons-05 food supply.jpg


Food Supply

$250 helps 1 family with 2 months of food supply.


Icons-04 speech.jpg



$2500 gives 1 session of speech therapy to 25 children who have speech disorders.

*The illustrations on cost of services are estimates and are accurate at the time of posting.

3 Simple Ways to Pledge

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