Club Rainbow commemorates 25 years of walking hand in hand with our beneficiaries and their family, and leading them towards a brighter future.

Club Rainbow embrace each and every precious child by equipping them with the essential skills and resources to manage their chronic illnesses. Through providing compassionate relevant services, we enable our beneficiaries to grow into more confident and resilient individuals, and empower them to conquer future challenges and lead enriching lives. 

The big hand showing the “number 2” sign represents Club Rainbow (Singapore). It is holding a smaller open hand with the “number 5” sign representing our beneficiaries. Together they form the “number 25” representing our 25th year anniversary. The “number 5” also symbolizes the holistic approach of Club Rainbow in 5 core support aspects: emotional, educational, financial, informational, social integration.

A charity gala dinner will be taking place on the 15th October 2017 to commemorate this milestone and to celebrate the unique-ness of all rainbow children!

Join us to be part of this meaningful evening. Click here to find out more.