Talent Development Fund Insights

A peek into this year’s Talent Development Fund (TDF) shows an overall 15% increase in applications received as compared to last year with 55% coming from 2017 applicants, and for this year, we see at least 13% chose a new genre.

What is Talent Development Fund (TDF)_ The TDF is an annual reimbursement scheme by Club Rainbow Singapore (CRS) to recognise and nurture CRS beneficiaries’ non-academic talents and interests by moti (2).png
Exploringgenres (1).png

Over the years, our Programmes Development (PD) team have been reviewing and curating workshops, allowing beneficiaries to discover and develop their interests. This year a number of new programmes were added as Annabel Lee of PD indicates their focus is to look beyond from just creative workshops to programmes that act as a bridge to allow beneficiaries to take their interest and pursue it as a possible career option. This will create an impact on the beneficiaries’ lives by helping them to identify opportunities for social integration, develop their capabilities and ultimately to be independent today and ready for tomorrow, the future that awaits them.

‘We have been proactively identifying beneficiaries who display great interest, potential to commit in pursuit of discovering and developing that area of interest.’ commented Annabel. She is also happy to share, ‘for those who did enrolled in courses, a good majority have been making significant progress.’

The PD team works closely with the Social Work Department (SWD) who identifies and assists in reaching out to beneficiaries whom they felt has potential in the Arts; Community and Partnership Marketing (CPM) supports by spreading the awareness of TDF.

The TDF application for 2018 is closed now; do keep a lookout for our next round of TDF next year!