Words of Appreciation from our LO (Little Ones)

Club Rainbow (Singapore) is an independent charity that relies largely on corporate and public donations as well as government grants and funding to support our mission and sustain our work and daily operations.   

Thus, we have invited all our beneficiaries to share their love back to both individual and corporate donors who have been supporting Club Rainbow (Singapore) over the last 26 years and many more to come. Some of the many messages from our little ones…

Chee Yik Teng, 6

Chee Yik Teng, 6


Audrey Nathania Agustiawan, 7


Joshua Nepolian, 5


Oon Hong Yang Lucus, 11


Grace Vera Ng, 8


Raphael Wee, 8


A number of our beneficiaries sharing their thanks and sending their love to all you beautiful donors out there who have made the challenges that they faced daily manageable through your contributions.