Stepping Into The New Year

In partnership with JDA Software, our beneficiaries were invited to a meaningful event on 7th February at the Agape Village. First 150 registered beneficiaries received a new pair of shoes while volunteers from Samaritans Feet and JDA wash the feet of the beneficiaries and provided words of positive encouragement as they step into the new year with renewed hope.

Samaritan’s Feet was started in 2003 by Manny Ohonme, who received his first pair of shoes from a missionary when he was a child in Nigeria. Those shoes allowed him to learn and play basketball, ultimately earning him a sports scholarship in the U.S. A simple pair of shoes and the kindness shared by this “Good Samaritan” changed the course of Manny’s life.

The mission of Samaritan’s Feet’s is to bring that same message of hope and love to children and adults around the world.