Get Your Hands On

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In today’s fast-paced of life and constantly surrounded by challenges which drain our being daily, art jamming is a way for one to reconnect and keep things in perspective. Both employees of Roche Diagnostics and our beneficiaries together with their families took a break from their hectic dailies and enjoy the beauty of My Art Space nestled amongst the greenery of Istana Park.

A two-hour therapeutic and stress-free arty session for 20 of our beneficiaries, ranging between 5 to 8 years-old was brought together by Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific. Employees and beneficiaries were eager to get started on their masterpieces to unleash the Picasso in them, putting their thoughts and dreams into colours.

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With professional and personalised guidance, participants learned to enhance their observation, helping them to discover and develop their art style beyond this bonding session.

Beneficiaries were definitely pleased with the opportunity to be part of this art activity and happy to show off their pieces when asked for a photo shot.

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