Children Emotional Resilience Group

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The Children Emotional Resilience Group Work 2018 occurred over the June Holidays from 31 May to 21 June 2018 over 4 sessions of 2 hours each. A total of 13 beneficiaries from various mainstream primary schools have attended.

The purpose of this workshop is to increase participants’ awareness of the common emotions and their expression, as well as identify their strengths. We hoped to equip the participants with safe emotional coping methods – meaning that participants can do anything as long it does not infringe on their own safety, others’ safety, and the environment. Some examples include drawing, writing, and colouring. The team also worked closely with parents to provide affirmation and reinforce the participant’s learning at home.

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A follow-up session was conducted on the 6 July 2018. We did a final recap on all the emotions to ensure that participants fully understood the meaning of the emotions. Participants were also given time to express their farewells and appreciation to one another. A Pen-Pal system was set up to encourage group members to write to one another to connect, give encouraging words, affirmation and share their experiences of learning with each other after the group work.