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Dreamseeds Arts Fest is an open to the public free event. It is a week-long event running from 17th to 24th November 2018.

This is the third edition of a public multi-experiential inclusive arts festival headlined by our beneficiaries; children and youth with chronic illnesses.

Pictures from past Dreadmseeds Art Fests

Championing the freedom of creation and expression, Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2018 is a showcase of the creative expression and artistic achievements of our talented beneficiaries who have collaborated with local creative practitioners to discover their creative passion and realize their artistic potential.

Themed “Me, Myself and You”, beneficiaries present their unique stories and colourful personalities through the language of art. We invite you to explore and relate to their inner worlds and perhaps consider  that we really aren’t so different after all. Come join us in building an inclusive arts community that encourages imaginative pursuits!

The festival features an array of events such as:

  • Performing Arts Concert

  • Creative Workshops

  • Visual Arts Exhibition

  • Mini Arts Market 

  • Experiential Activity Booths

Dreamseed Launch 5 Nov2016_Photo by Philip Au-27.jpg

Mark your calendars and come on down to Aliwal Arts Centre for the Launch Event on the 17th November 2018!

DSAF final.png
DSAF final (2).png


Watch this space and follow DSAF 2018 on our Facebook and Instagram for updates and for pictures of past events!