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Kris Kringle (2013)

It is that festive time of the year again in December when presents are exchanged, and CRS beneficiaries with their siblings had a chance to dine with new friends and volunteers. Kris Kringle 2013 took place in three different venues – The Forum, The Paragon Shopping Mall and City Square Mall – with a total attendance of 83 children.

With kind support from the various organizations NuSkin, Concorde and Praise Evangelical Free Church, Helmi Talib, American Women’s Association, Rio Tinto, Toys ‘R’ Us and individuals who volunteered their time and efforts, the event sailed right along.

Meeting new friends

Two children aged five to 12 are paired, and then they are paired again with 2 adult volunteers who are their caretakers for the day. The teams of four then have a small chit chat to get to know one another.

Buying a present for someone

Following which, one volunteer and one child head off into Toys ‘R’ Us to purchase a gift they think their new friend would like. The children raced off, and it did not take long for them to choose a present and gift-wrap it.

Gift Exchange

Over lunch, the children and volunteers then chatted and dined over food. With drumroll, and a short silence. The kids exchanged presents and attacked their gift!

11-year-old Nathan Chua felt that he had benefited from the event. He said, “Getting a gift means that someone else thought of you. Buying one for yourself is sort of meaningless.”

He had purchased a toy gun for his brother Timothy and felt they had learnt more about each other – now he knows what toys his brother likes. Timothy gave him a Lego set in return, which is his favourite toy.

Yet Nathan says, “My brother thought about me, that is important.” To him, it is the care shown that counts more.

Mr. Soh from the company Rio Tinto also said that it was not buying the gift that was the highlight, but rather the time well spent with the kids and colleagues.

He said: “The memorable moment during the unwrapping of the gift that brings happiness and smiles to a kid is what I have taken home, and for the rest of my life!”

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