Maximising Development Potentials Through Therapy
Therapy is pivotal in helping our children to realise their developmental potentials. They can have access to a range of therapy services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, play therapy, art therapy and swimming.
Club Rainbow collaborates with various community partners and private organisations for the provision of these services to meet the needs of our children.

Let's hear from our occupational therapists on what they have to say about their work at Club Rainbow.
What is Occupational Therapy?
In Club Rainbow, children from different age groups and medical conditions attend occupational therapy sessions, upon referrals by doctors. After an initial screening of the children, and interview with parents, we will start the children on a weekly therapy session. Goals are set based on parents’ priorities and are followed up by a review at the end of each therapy cycle.

Each session is planned after determining the individual needs of the children and the projected goals. 

Goals are functional and are to maximize the children’s potential to help them gain independence, for instance, button or unbutton, eat finger snacks, open water bottle cap and drink water, catch a ball, hold a pen and scribble, draw or write, put on and take off socks and shoes, amongst others.
Recognising the important role of caregivers in their children’s lives, strategies are shared with them, so they practice the activities at home. Caregivers are also encouraged to attend sharing session conducted by therapist during term-break.
Active engagement of caregivers helps children to improve the skills faster and achieve the individualized goals set.
In the center, the children look forward to each occupational therapy session.

They have fun while performing fine and gross motor activities in the gym or at the neighbourhood playground. When children have fun in participating in activities, they can learn the skills faster. The activities are planned with the right amount of challenges so that children can complete the activity at end of the session. This improves their self-esteem and motivates them to try similar activities without any hesitation.

In summary, the role of an occupational therapist is to help children to perform tasks at their fullest potential, across various settings including home, community and in school. In addition, accessibility training for wheel chair bound clients inside home and in the community to make them more independent in their mobility. Even providing training for taking public transport is a part of the therapist’s job to make them independent so that they can move around freely in their own community.
Sharing by Meijie, Occupational Therapist
10-year-old Newton* has been undergoing therapy since September 2017.  His mother sought help with Club Rainbow, as he experiences frequent meltdown with even small changes to routine and when his requests are not granted as he wished..

To read more about the interview and feedbacks from our caregivers, Click here
Feedback from Caregivers
My daughter attended Art Therapy and Play Therapy and is now undergoing Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

After attending Occupational Therapy, she is beginning to show emerging writing skills. Before that she had frequent and severe meltdowns which rarely occur nowadays. 
Her speech therapist, Evelyn, and occupational therapist, Meijie are both very caring and nice. They work closely together to help me and my kids. Whenever she refuses to write, Meijie will encourage her. She works on her fine motor skill and her behaviour.”

- Caregiver of child who received art therapy and play therapy, and is undergoing speech therapy and occupational therapy
To learn more about the therapy services at Club Rainbow, watch video here
*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the child.
Release of Annual Report 2018

Aptly titled “ASPIRING TALENTS”, we hope to empower our children towards greater goals, to achieve beyond what they thought physically possible.
We developed new strategies to further our children’s aspirations, keeping pace with this fast moving digital age. While our 5 core supports (namely emotional, financial, educational, informational and social integration) remains, we delve further to keep our programmes and services relevant. We built on the success of our vocational training BRIDGE programme as well as the Arts Development programme to elevate the skills of our children.

For our fundraising efforts, we had our inaugural Charity Sale. We adopted our children’s art pieces into practical merchandise, sold to corporate partners as well as interested members of the community. These initiatives brought our 2018 to an entirely new level of engagement with our children and partners. In recognition of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest levels of governance and transparency, we received the Charity Governance and Transparency Awards from Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth! For more exciting information about our year, 

Click here to download our 2018 Annual Report
Opening of Talent Develop Fund Applications
The Talent Development Fund (TDF) is an annual reimbursement scheme by Club Rainbow Singapore (CRS) to recognize and nurture CRS beneficiaries’ non-academic talents and interests by motivating and encouraging them to develop their capabilities.

We are now accepting applications for Talent Development Fund 2019

To apply, please click here.

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Set up in 1992, Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to support and empower children with chronic illnesses & their families with providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life.

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