Giving Back to Community

Giving and sharing is the best and beautiful thing in our life.  I wish to try my best to help other people till my life ends. - Edmund Lee

Giving and sharing is the best and beautiful thing in our life.
I wish to try my best to help other people till my life ends. - Edmund Lee

Mr Edmund Lee, a familiar name to many parents over the years who will stand to attest his patience, gentleness and confidence assuring presence during the cycling lessons when they visit his humble bike shop in Queen’s Road with hopeful hearts of having brave little riders at the end of the training sessions.

Edmund was chanced upon by our team during one of our door-to-door promotion exercise for Ride for Rainbows (RFR) annual event. It was the first time Edmund heard about CRS and yet both he and his wife opened their hearts to hear us out as we explained more about our organisation and the beneficiaries. Almost immediately, he felt connected and the call to support our little ones through RFR.

When asked of his strong beliefs about CRS, he replied “Children are our future, our hope. I believe we should try to support families who have children with special needs because apart from the medical conditions, families are also faced with many challenges brought about through such a situation. I am very glad that CRS is a platform offering various kind of support to these families and I definitely give my utmost support.”

A father of 3 children, aged 23, 25 and 29, Edmund had the privilege to experience childhood blissfulness with love from his parents and 6 siblings, without any illness or disability. Through his growing years, he understood that not everyone has the same privilege when affected by medical conditions. This made him more conscious of families who are in need and to include the notion of giving back to community as part of his life in the later years.

In the past he was very much focused on supporting his family, spending a lot of time on his work life which left him little or no time for any community service. Now with his children all grown up and independent, he is taking the opportunity to kick off his plans for volunteerism even before retirement, striking a balance between both fronts. While we work hard to provide our children with a better quality of life, Edmund feels that we should consider supporting non-profit organisations like CRS who helps children with chronic illnesses and needy families lead a more enriching life. And he wants to use his own network to help as many as possible. “After all, life is very short.” says Edmund.

“The contribution by each individual is small as compared to that of an organisation. However, even if it’s a small effort, it should be meaningful” commented Edmund. As an avid cyclist himself, he finds that RFR resonates with his profession and what he has been looking for in community service. He participated in RFR 2018 for the first time. Using his years of network, he managed to garner slightly over $14K for the fundraising event, emerging as one of the top fundraisers for the event.

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Club Rainbow (Singapore) likes to thank Edmund and many other long-time supporting individuals who have been with CRS for many years.

You can support Edmund in his fundraising effort for Club Rainbow (Singapore) by clicking here