Our Patron

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Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

Speaker of Parliament of Singapore

My first contact with Club Rainbow (Singapore), was back in 2016, when they invited me to be their Guest of Honor for their signature overnight cycling fundraiser, Ride for Rainbows. The following year, besides reprising the role of the Guest of Honor for the event, I joined the other fundraising riders on this remarkable evening, as a rider myself. I witnessed the commitment of these volunteers to the cause and the dedication of the Council and staff.

Club Rainbow (Singapore) has a simple goal – to empower its beneficiaries who are chronically ill to live full and independent lives. This resonates deeply with me as I believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow into their potential, regardless of their health or family background. But a simple goal is not necessarily an easy one. So when they invited me to be their Patron, I gladly accepted and hoped to do my part in furthering their cause, impacting the lives of the children under their care.


The Management Council of Club Rainbow comprise entirely of volunteers. They do not receive payment for their services to the charity.

The Council meets up monthly to steer the charity. Individual Council members are in regular contact with the full-time staff at Club Rainbow. Through this, they maintain a dynamic hands-on approach in the day-to-day running of the charity.

Council members also interact regularly with our Rainbow Children and their families. This ensures that they remain aware of the evolving needs of all our beneficiaries.


Dr SashiKumar Ganapathy, President

Occupation: Paediatrician

Why he volunteers: I first got involved with Club Rainbow as a medical volunteer in Camp Rainbow 2008, and this first contact opened up my mind to seeing how much more I could be doing outside my daily job as a doctor. Being part of Club Rainbow has given me this unique opportunity to work with so many other kids and families and to do my bit for the society.

Eric Teo, Vice-President

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer

Why he volunteers: It is a blessing to be able to help those in need. Having volunteered at CRS since 1996, I have seen the positive impact of our collective effort on many of our beneficiaries. The camaraderie among fellow volunteers and staff, as well as the smile on a child’s face, keeps me going. After all, somebody once said, “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child".


Lim Huay Ling, Honorary Secretary

Occupation: Finance Manager

Why she volunteers: I believe that it is important to be able to give and contribute as much as possible to the society. I share the same mission and vision with Club Rainbow and feel honoured to be bringing happy smiles and joy to the children and their families who are fighting courageously.

Jean Ang.JPG

jean ang, honorary treasurer

Occupation: Director, Equity Sales

Why she volunteers: I have always been a believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. If everyone helps, the world will become a better place.  I am honoured to take up  this role and I  hope I can contribute to Club Rainbow's mission to help improve the lives of suffering children and their burdened families.

Karen Kok.jpg

karen kok, assistant honorary treasurer

Occupation: Senior Lecturer

Why she volunteers: I started volunteering with the simple goal of giving back to society and contributing within my capacity.  Seeing the smiles and performances of Club Rainbow beneficiaries at various events, affirms my belief that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and follow their dream.  I hope to contribute more as part of council in supporting Club Rainbow children and their families.


Allen Zheng, governance & compliance director

Occupation: Adjunct Lecturer

Why he volunteers: I am a strong believer that volunteering is a responsibility that everyone should exercise to give back and strengthen our community. Supporting children and youths have always been a passionate cause close to my heart. Joining Club Rainbow and forming new friendships with the children and families, seeing their smiles, love and affection is very rewarding and inspiring.


Ramanan ramadoss, Education Director

Occupation: Director

Why he volunteers: I started with CRS in 2000 as a volunteer with Camp Sunshine and I have been here ever since. I have been working with kids for as long as I can remember but nothing beats working with CRS kids. They are a source of strength and an inspiration to me and I know that along the way I will learn a thing or two from them.


dr Junaidah Badron, MEDICAL DIRECTOR

Occupation: Doctor

Why she volunteers: Volunteering with Club Rainbow allows me to work with children beyond the confines of a hospital. Through activities such as Camp Rainbow, I am able to interact with these children and to a lesser extent their families as well.


dr aswin warier, MEDICAL DIRECTOR

Occupation: Physician

Why he volunteers: From being a doctor working with children to club rainbow came as a natural sequence. The work done by club Rainbow is awesome and inspiring. I hope to be a part of the good work.

Karen Tan.jpg

Karen Tan, Fundraising & Marketing Director

Occupation: Managing Director

Why she volunteers: I have two healthy and happy daughters and can appreciate the good fortune of being blessed with healthy children. It was my personal vision to contribute to children in the community. I volunteered for Club Rainbow by chance in 1999 for an adhoc project. The experience I had was so humbling and satisfying that I decided to be a member of council to contribute more.

As I watch Club Rainbow children and their families courageously face up to the challenges of their ailments, resolutely staying strong and firm in overcoming their adversity, they are my inspiration and encouragement. I learn not take things for granted in life and to count my blessings every day. As long as I can contribute in any way, I want to support these children to have a better tomorrow.

Wong Qin Lei.jpg

wong qin lei, Programme Director

Occupation: Senior Manager, Corporate Development

Why she volunteers: Elderly created the future of today and children are today’s future. I volunteer because I want to give back to those who have given for a better today and provide support to those who could have a better tomorrow. 

My first contact with Club Rainbow started with my participation as a rider at Ride for Rainbows 2016, where I learned more about the meaningful impact of the work for the children. This resonated with my personal belief that every child, from every background, deserves the opportunity to develop their potential. Being part of Club Rainbow allows me to do something more for the society.


Clement Goh, member

Occupation: Managing Director

Why he volunteers: I volunteer because I can and I should. I have received many blessings in my life, especially my 3 healthy and active daughters. It is my wish that I can share my blessings.  I have started as a donor to Club Rainbow but recently felt that I should contribute more as a council member. I look forward to use whatever skills I have to make the life a little better for both the kids in need and their parents.