Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy of Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Club Rainbow (Singapore) Whistle Blowing policy aims to provide a means through which employees or members of the public could, in good faith, report any activity that infringes on Club Rainbow’s code of conduct or violates the law so that the organisation may take up relevant action.

All concerns will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal the identity of the staff member making the report if so desired. At the appropriate time, however, it may be necessary to come forward as a witness.

Staff should follow the Grievance Procedure for matters relating to their own employment. The whistle-blowing policy is intended to cover major concerns that fall outside the scope of other procedures. Any serious concerns about any aspect of Club Rainbow (Singapore) or the conduct of any staff members can be reported under the whistle-blowing policy.

Club Rainbow (Singapore) does not tolerate retaliation against anyone for raising a concern in good faith. Club Rainbow (Singapore) has zero tolerance for retaliation.

You may make reports through the whistle blowing email address anonymously. However, if you do choose to remain anonymous when raising a concern, we may not be able to follow up with you for any missing information. Therefore, if you decide to submit an anonymous report, we urge you to provide sufficient details such as the names of those involved, dates, locations and any particulars you can think of so that we can conduct an effective investigation. Otherwise, our ability to investigate may be limited.

Report any violations or get more information via the Whistle-Blowing email address for Club Rainbow (Singapore):

Email: whistleblow@clubrainbow.org

The report sent through the whistle-blowing email address will be received by the Audit Committee Chairman and its members.

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