Club Rainbow (Singapore) offers a holistic approach in helping our beneficiaries. Our free services varies from home and hospital counseling; centre, hospital and home tuition; befriender services as well as educational seminars.


Emotional Support

There are families who join Club Rainbow (Singapore) at the point of their child’s diagnosis, while others come onboard only after several years of coping with their child’s condition. Depending on factors like the family’s background, current stage in life, and its available socioeconomic support, each family possesses a set of unique needs and challenges. At Club Rainbow (Singapore), each and every beneficiary and his/her family is assigned to a case worker.

The case worker journeys alongside the family, providing meaningful practical and emotional support in the course of their life’s passage. Individual and groupwork counselling are also provided. The families can contact their pre-assigned respective case workers should they need support or have any further enquiries.


educational assistance

The Club Rainbow Education service aims to provide supplementary education support to the families and children whose education may have been set back because of the medical and emotional strain that the CRS child goes through due to his illness.

The Education service is administered via tuition at the bedside and wards at National University Hospital as well as KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital. We also provide weekly tuition classes on Saturdays and weekdays at the Rainbow Family Care Centre. During the school holidays, enrichment programmes are held to boost our beneficiaries’ interest and expand their capabilities. 

To ease the financial burden of our families in meeting the child’s educational needs, the Rainbow Academic Support Programme gives out Bursary and three categories of Education Awards during the academic year to help the needy families as well as to recognize the efforts of CRS children and youths who have performed well in school despite their medical conditions.

  • The Bursary is offered to beneficiaries from low income families and have done reasonably well in schools.
  • The Achievement Award recognizes CRS beneficiaries who have consistently attained excellent results which placed them within the top 10% of their cohort and have participated actively in CCA and other inter-school events.
  • The Progress Award knowledges CRS beneficiaries who have demonstrated good learning attitude and considerable improvement in two or more subjects (for primary) or three or more subjects (for secondary).
  • The Spirit of Learning Award is a testament to CRS beneficiaries’ exceptional resilience and perseverance in their studies despite the challenges they face with regards to their chronic illnesses or learning difficulties.


Social Integration

Social integration programmes are a medium to incorporate balance in the physical and emotional aspects of a child’s life. These programmes are generally social but can also be partly educational and therapeutic. Some of our programmes are illness specific.

Social integration helps the children and families to cope with their situation and continue to promote and cultivate family ties. Such programmes include art workshops, farm trips, cooking classes, movie screenings, music workshops and culture appreciation.


Financial support

Club Rainbow (Singapore) provides financial assistance, both monetary and in-kind, to our beneficiaries and their families in need. Assistance in-kind includes milk powder, diapers (children and adult sizes), dry food provisions and other daily essentials donated by members of the public as well as corporations.

These temporary measures help the families tide over the challenging periods of their lives. This provides them the support, skills and knowledge in helping them to enhance their personal growth and resilience.


Informational resources

Club Rainbow organizes regular talks, seminars and workshops in which medical practitioners and other professionals share their knowledge with parents thereby assisting them to manage their children’s medical problems and other problems at home. This could be about caring for their children with specific needs, new researches and treatments, stress management, handling finances or nutrition.

The charity has six major illness specific groups – the Blood Disorder (mainly Thalassaemia) group, Chronic Liver Disease (mainly Billiary Atresia) group, Very Low Birth Weight Infant (Preemies) or premature baby group, Congenital Heart Disease group, Spina Bifida group and Rare Genetic Network group.

Each year the charity organises special activities for each illness group to cater for their unique needs. An example of such an activity could be a talk about the risks associated with a liver transplant

We have a resource library located in the Rainbow Family Care Centre at the National University Hospital and at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We also produce brochures, books and regular newsletters to share information and ideas.