The Talent Development Fund (TDF) is an annual reimbursement scheme by Club Rainbow Singapore (CRS) to recognize and nurture CRS beneficiaries’ non-academic talents and interests by motivating and encouraging them to develop their capabilities.

The TDF aims to fulfil an important psycho-social aim of CRS – building beneficiaries’ self-esteem through the appreciation and cultivation of their unique talents regardless of their background or medical condition.


Key objectives

i. Provide a springboard for beneficiaries to discover their abilities, and further develop it;

ii. Enable beneficiaries to continually and progressively develop their skills throughout their journey with CRS to attain greater accomplishment in that particular field; and

iii. Empower beneficiaries to showcase their skills and achievements through curated platforms and events organised by CRS. 



application guidelines

Grant Cycle : 1st November 2019 - 31st October 2020

Application Website : http://www.bit.ly/applytdf

Application Closing Date: No later than 16th August 2019, Friday 11:59PM

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Applicants must:

a) Be a Club Rainbow (Singapore) beneficiary, and

b) Be of age 4 and above, and

c) Have an interest/talent in visual arts, performing arts, sports and/or other creative hobbies

Previous recipients of TDF are welcomed to apply for this new cycle.



All applicants will be informed of their results in October 2019



Annabel Lee, Executive, Programme Development

Tel: 6377 1789

Email: priscilla@clubrainbow.org