BRIDGE 2019 X Oh Glorious Clay

As part of our BRIDGE programme, our youths aged 13 to 20 year old will embark on various learning journeys in Culinary, Design and Marketing, Entrepreneurship and more. Through the experience, they will discover their strengths and interests, and under the mentorship of our community partners, they will be guided to achieve various learning milestones. We have also secured various employment opportunities with the partners for committed participants who have shown an interest to pursue a career in that particular field. 

 One of the learning journeys was co-designed together with Oh Glorious Clay, a local artisanal company specialising in customised polymer clay creations and jewellery dishes. During the workshops, our youths learnt about air dry clay and created their own clay trinket dish. Apart from that, they get to learn about basic marketing principles and techniques, and eventually graduating with a marketplace sale. The youths have the opportunity to produce items that will go into goodie bags specially prepared for our families who will be attending Celebrating Heroes 2019 in September.  


We caught up with Charlotte (C) from Oh Glorious Clay recently to learn more about her experience in mentoring our youths. 

Yi Xiang (in blue tee-shirt), a BRIDGE participant with Charlotte (second from right)

Yi Xiang (in blue tee-shirt), a BRIDGE participant with Charlotte (second from right)

Q: How is it like working with our children? 

C: It has been a FUN experience art journeying with them through the sessions.  

Q: What steps have you taken to ensure that the children feels comfortable working together with you? 

C: It is important to be accepting and inclusive of every individual. The continual weekly lessons over 3 to 4 weeks enable our relationships to develop for more purposeful interactions. We were able to understand them much better over the weeks. And the youths also get to know us more gradually.  


Q: What is your biggest takeaway from working with the children? 

C: They taught us how to find joy in simple things. Anyone can enjoy art.  


Q: How would you encourage our children to pursue their interests? 

C: There is no limit to how much improvements can be made from practice and learning from a good mentor. Keep working on your passions! 

Q: A word of advice for the children. 
C: Never give up.