Annual Party

The Annual Party is a yearly event that happens usually at the start of the year to invite families, volunteers, advisory board, council and staff of Club Rainbow to start and “break the ice” for the new year. This event will also help new families to be comfortable and get to know the families and beneficiaries they have not met. The event also provides the platform for the Education Awards presentation.

CareGivers' Appreciation Day

The Caregiver’s Appreciation Day celebrates the caregivers for taking good care of their child. The event provides the platform to help families and beneficiaries to be comfortable and familiar with others that they have not met, thereby renewing friendships and creating new ones. The parents and caregivers will be able to expand their horizons and learn new skills through specially curated workshops. This is also an occasion for beneficiaries and their siblings to prepare a gift as a form of appreciation for the relentless care by their caregivers.

Camp Rainbow

Camp Rainbow is a medically-supervised, three-day-two-night stay-in adventure camp for chronically-ill children aged between 6 and 16 years. It hopes to highlight to them that they are not alone in their plight and that there are others who care for them: but more importantly, that they too can make a difference in other people’s lives. 

The objectives of camp are to enable the children to develop a sense of independence, to boost their self-esteem and confidence, to hone their creative, cognitive and physical skills and lastly, to foster lasting friendships through play and interaction. Camp Rainbow enlists the help of volunteers in the areas of operation, logistics as well as the emotional and psychosocial needs of the beneficiaries in the form of befrienders. 

Camp Rainbow is organised by a main organising committee comprising youths who were former camp participants and beneficiaries. Having benefitted from the camp themselves, they have volunteered their time to plan, organise and manage the camp to benefit the new batches of camp participants. In addition to the main committee, the youth committee, comprising younger beneficiaries was formed to nurture and equip them with the necessary skill sets needed for the execution of an event of this scale.

Club rainbow Family Retreat

Club Rainbow Family Retreat is an annual, flagship event where beneficiaries and families are invited to an overseas trip to promote quality time for bonding as a family in a relaxed environment and social interaction with other families. At the same time, there will be respite moments to relieve parents and/or caregivers from their relentless duty of caring for their chronically ill child. Enrichment and informative programmes will be organised to enhance the know-hows of parents and caregivers, while there will be dedicated activities to impart skills and values to the children.

Talent Development

Talent Development Fund is a grant award disbursed to beneficiaries to recognise and nurture their talents, in a diversified genre of performing and visual arts, and as a form of motivation to encourage them to develop that talent.  Since its pioneering inception in 2005, the grant has been awarded to more than 100 beneficiaries whose talents are in the key tracks of visual and performing arts, and sports. In 2015, the concept of Dreamseeds was mooted to develop a series of arts development programmes which will converge at a key showcase event to encourage beneficiaries to seed their aspirations and grow their dreams with partners and local arts communities.  

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle is a holiday event that creates an opportunity for beneficiaries to give back to others in return for the support and blessings that they have been continuously receiving from people who love and care for them. This is also an opportunity for them to make new friends and show them the importance of friendship thus making that relationship meaningful not only during a festive season such as Christmas but throughout the year. The bond that is developed will help them add balance to their emotional well-being, as they will not need to walk through their life journey alone. This event also instils the spirit of giving and sharing, cherishing companionship and appreciating others during the holiday season.