A national movement from the U.S. which started in 2012 sparked off a global collaboration of communities and sees corporates coming forward to participate likewise, to give back to the society in various ways – volunteering, donation-in-kinds, fundraising and monetary donations. 
Being part of the global movement, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) has once again organised the #GivingWeekSG awareness which started from 27 November (Tuesday) and goes on till 5 December.
With heartstrings tugged and in the spirit of Giving, we like to invite you to be part of the Giving Week movement with us and reach the target amount of SGD10,000 as a community. You may contribute to this through the link below.


Join our movement in
Giving Week.

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$150 to offer 1 child with cerebral palsy 3 sessions of weekly swimming lessons.

$250 to help 1 needy family with two months of food supply.

Every little donation counts, no matter how small. It is the heart that matters.



5 things to do together as a family during #GivingWeekSG

1. Sorting out toys which are still in good condition to share with the local communities.

2. Join us as befrienders for our upcoming events. xposing your children to a giving culture at a tender age helps with character building

3. Keep a chart on accumulating brownie points and track it.

4. Using recycled items from home to create pieces of art for sale to your community, giving sale proceeds to charity organisations.

5. Taking part in a food drive for the needy.